The Anahata Chakra.

The heart. My heart. Your heart.

So fragile and yet so strong, so brave and yet so afraid, so wise and yet so innocent.

Emotionally and physically this thing does so much for us it’s unreal.

Heartache, is real though – ever loved and lost so much that the emotional pain physically hurts? It hurts me just even writing this.

Ever loved so much that you felt like your heart would EXPLODE if it could?

The heart gives us some of the best and worst feelings in life – but most of all it gives us compassion, understanding and patience.

My heart is different to yours and ours are all different to each other.

Every human being judges the world around them based on their own personal experiences – their own thoughts and feelings and emotions – thoughts feelings and emotions that are different from one sibling to the next.

It is impossible for a mother (or a father) to love their children equally in exactly the same way when no matter how similar their children are to each other they are still completely and utterly different.

We are all treated different from birth because we are all born different – the second child, is not the first child, and the third child is not the second, one child may be naturally musically talented and the other may be mathematical.

We all experience the world in completely different ways – we all love, live and learn different things.

We have different experiences with different people – my sister has spent here entire life since the age of 13 in relationships (she’s now nearly 40, happily married but hasn’t been single really ever) – me on the other hand, couldn’t get a date to save my life.

My brother lives in London and has done for many years – and that makes him sooooo different to me it’s unreal (like when he sees me he does that kiss on each cheek thing which is just moronic in my eyes and very London – what’s wrong with a hug, or even better just a handshake or a wave!)

This is my heart đź’“ but not without compassion, understanding, fighting, learning and growing.

Point is – every choice we make in life just carves out our own individual path of experiences.

A classic example? In my family, we love a bit of drama, we open our hearts and minds and emotions – we wear them on our sleeves, we show our tears, our fears, we fight, we are vocal, we automatically assume the worst – that’s how we work.

My husband’s family? Quite the opposite. A more best not worry about it approach, kind of a stiff upper lip approach, don’t assume the worst approach, things will be alright approach.

I’m not saying either one is right (in fact balance between the two would probably be best) but what I am saying is – because of that we have a wife who wants to bear it all and share it all with the world and a husband who is much more refrained – we are the product of our parents’ parenting, so we therefore process things in different ways – and arguments can happen based on the fact that he sees things one way while I interpret it in a completely different way, and vice versa.

Where I would speak out, he plays the long game, where he’s too embarrassed to cause a fuss, I will have my say and I will be heard.

This often leads to miscommunication and misinterpretation of words, because he comes from one approach and I come from another – it is only by talking, explaining and understanding this within our marriage that we create compassion – towards each other and the ways we were raised and therefore the way we have inherently learned to deal with emotions.

I say this like I have always known this, I haven’t, this is something we’ve really started to figure out the older we get in life. Plus I went to counselling for a bit and that was mind blowing (the hidden Freud in me has really taken to the self enquiry approach!)

The true secret of a balanced heart chakra is compassion, peace and love for all things – no matter who or what they do – but that can only be achieved by compassion and understanding of the ways in which people are the way they are, and because of that how they deal with their emotions.

Have compassion, have respect, and love life.

Strong affirmations for the heart chakra?

  • All love resides within my heart
  • I listen to my heart’s song
  • Love opens and heals me
  • I follow my heart’s desire for truth and goodness and love

How can we work through negativity around this chakra to create more balance?

  • Find love for oneself
  • Forgive the past
  • Accept the present and accept ourselves as we are
  • Make a list of what makes your heart sing
  • See the good in the worst situations

Other things associated to this Chakra:

  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Oils: Geranium
  • Element: Air
  • Plant: Rose, Carnation, Lily
  • Metal: Copper, Gold
  • Colour: Green (and pink)
  • Type of Music: Choral

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