The Brow Chakra, or the Ajna Chakra as it is known, is the third eye.

Placed in the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows, this is the control centre – focusing on cultivating a strong, independent mind.

This chakra is fully activated in our mid thirties because we have a little bit of life experience behind us.

It is our ability for clear and concise thought, spiritual reflection and contemplation.

When fully activated there is balance between both hemispheres of the brain (right which controls synthetic thinking and creative activity) and the left (which controls rational and analytical thinking) – coincidence that right side is male and left side is female? (Sorry dudes, but you’ll never win awards for rational thinking!)

I don’t really have much personal insight to add into this blog other than the whole this being activated in your thirties thing? So true. The older I get, the more at peace I become. Growing old really is awesome, I’m sorry but it is, to have so much insight and knowledge – we just have to make sure we continue to share this with the younger generations in a hope that eventually we can all understand each other a little more…

So, strong affirmations for the brow chakra?

  • I think the very best of myself in all situations
  • I open myself to know my inner guidance and wisdom
  • I release and forgive the past
  • I am wise, intuitive and aligned with my highest good

How can we work through negativity around this chakra to create more balance?

  • Allow your mind to relax – overuse leads to worry and obsession
  • Question anything that negates your inner worth, sense of freedom or beauty
  • Look for the good in each person and situation
  • Meet like minded people via courses and workshops
  • Be aware when you are tired and weary – do something positive for yourself

Other things associated to this Chakra:

  • Star sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
  • Oils: Camphor
  • Element: The cosmos
  • Plant: Almond Blossom
  • Metal: Silver
  • Colour: Purple
  • Type of Music: Classical

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