The Holy Grail of Chakras… kinda.

The Crown (or Sahasara) Chakra reaches the heights of spirituality.

It connects us with our indelible and permanent divinity, and is the source of healing enervy in the human enegry system.

The chakras act as a ladder to love, spirirtuality and healing, from the Root base which anchors us into life, to the more refined spiritual energy of the Crown Chakra.

It opens when we have attained physiological maturity and spiritual development.

It’s that moment of realisation.

So it’s not something you have all the time, you have it in moments… maybe when you finally get that first dream job you wanted and things are going well, after the birth of a child, when you finally find your flow after retirement, or deeper than this, when you finally come to terms with the death of a loved one, or when you finally regain your health after a serious scare.

It’s kind of a mid life crisis Chakra in some ways, and it’s only really activated when you well and truly learn something.

It’s funny how as I write this, only this morning I was thinking ‘dear lord this time last year I was in a dark place’. Worse things have happened to people I know, still it doesn’t change the way things affected me mentally (and more than just the DVT – it seems a health scare can open up a lot of things that are wrong emotionally too).

In the last year I’ve been through more than I care to, or will say, but I will say this – right now I feel very much in my Crown Chakra, I feel at peace.

Has yoga helped me? Absolutely. But more importantly – teaching yoga has helped me, so much more than just the practice of it.

Being able to share what I teach with the world is a huge responsibility and a great gift on so many levels and I’m hugely supportive for the yogi community here that surrounds me, students and teachers alike.

It’s funny, but suddenly I am starting to notice how much of this is now filtering through into everything I do, the people I meet and the places I go.

All of a sudden, after almost six years, Oxted feels like home, and the people I have here? Well, some of them are more than friends, some of them feel like family to me.

I’m going off subject, but it’s these small self realisation moments that make being in the Crown Chakra space possible, and it’s very much the energy in my life right now, for which I have a lot of you Oxted-ians (and Godstone-rs) to thank!

So, strong affirmations for the crown chakra?

  • I accept who I am and honour the spirit within me
  • I know my higher purpose is being fulfilled now
  • I honour and protect my divine spirit
  • I am thankful for awareness and insight

How can we work through negativity around this chakra to create more balance?

  • Look inside yourself to rediscover who you are
  • Avoid becoming entangled in situations that don’t involve you
  • Explore your true beliefs about life

Other things associated to this Chakra:

  • Star sign: Aquiarius
  • Oils: Lavender
  • Element: The cosmos
  • Plant: Lotus (obviously)
  • Metal: Platinum
  • Colour: Violet
  • Type of Music: Indian ragas

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